Midwest Renaissance Fund

Midwest Renaissance Fund is a Venture Capital Fund in formation.

The fund invests in and mentors early stage Midwest companies in under-invested sectors.

Under-invested Sectors – Highly educated Midwestern entrepreneurs and scientists create 3 times more patents than the Midwest receives funding from VC’s on a percentage basis. This underinvestment drains jobs from deserving Midwest states. Terrific value in disruptive companies is found in areas that VC’s on the coasts ignore. Midwest Renaissance Fund will create outstanding returns by investing in these companies.

Successful Leadership – Entrepreneurship is at a 14 year high. First time and unsuccessful founders are 50% more likely to succeed if they are led by successful serial entrepreneurs. Midwest Renaissance Fund management has started, built, and exited over 20 companies. The management is prepared to mentor and find leaders for portfolio companies.

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